Javier Gonel

I need a hammer. Not.

Warning: rethoric ahead.

You knock at my door. You need a hammer. After many years as neighbors and a coffee together every two or three weeks, you know I have a bunch of tools. I know you, you live upstairs, you won't run with my tools. Next week we will have a coffee and I will get my tools back. You seem in a hurry so I handle you my best hammer. You leave and I feel happy I helped you as much as I can. Not


You ask me for a hammer because you want to do some IKEA hacker stuff and join two pieces of furniture. The glue you applied didn't seem enough, so a few nails would do it. You found some nails, but couldn't find your hammer, so you knocked at my door and asked me for a hammer. You got it and you will spend 20 minutes improving your furniture and hoping not to hammer your hand or the furniture itself. You couldn't find your hammer, you don't use it often so it is quite probable your skills won't avoid breaking something.

Good, isn't it? In fact I have a nail gun. It doesn't work with huge nails but it does the job 95% of the time. If you had told me you needed to reinforce some furniture with nails, or even you wanted to put some nails and you thought a hammer would be nice. I could have improved on your thinking and offered you a nail gun.

Do you need threads as you need a hammer? Threads are a tool. I don't know what you're up to. If you need some quick tips about threads, I can help you. But if you tell me exactly what you're trying to do, we might end up using threads anyway, or we could end up using something else and perhaps hammering neither our hands nor the furniture.

My two cents.

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