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Building an standalone druid hadoop indexer
How to build a fat jar for command line indexing jobs in a hadoop cluster.
SSH on a DCOS+Marathon cluster with Docker
I just wanted to test some latencies from a DCOS cluster.
This week I learned about
CORS, EmberJS, AWS CodeDeploy, dotenv and APIs
Downloading steam games via cli
When my internet line is not enough to download a 60GiB game.
Automating all the small things.
Friction in the real world
The force that resist motion in software development
Python patching function globals
Python functions references to globals and monkey patching.
Python reference leaks and objgraph
Finding reference leaks in python code using objgraph
A take on don't repeat yourself
DRY means yourself and not only code.
Python, green threads, fibers and go
The go language concurrency model and python.
I need a hammer. Not.
You assure me you “need” threads. But they are a tool and you might need something else.
This blog is powered by
I restarted my homepage, but this time using flask and flask freezer.
Rolling back a transaction in ZODB
Different ways to roll back a transaction in ZODB using file storage.